The lone wolf's diary. Pt.1 "The beginning"

“And as the world surges onwards towards destruction and chaos, a brave few stand out from the crowd and take a stand, those are the lone wolves.”

Our story, ethics and vision.

We, a group of collage students here in Finland have always been sincerely worried about our environment and planet, since the early days of our childhood. Our story began about a year ago in a cold winter night, when we witnessed with horror a documentary about the fashion industries environmental impact. We were shocked to discover that the fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment, and is in fact, the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry.

And as the industry grows, so does the pollution..

We found out that:

  1. 10% of global carbon emissions is produced by the fashion industry

  2. 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile treatment and dying

  3. 1.5 TRILLION liters of water is used by the fashion industry each year

  4. 23 kg of greenhouse gases are generated for each kilo of fabric produced

  5. 200 tons of fresh water is needed to dye a ton of fabric, and up to 20.000 liters of water is needed to produce just 1kg of cotton.

  6. 190.000 tons of textile mircoplastic fibers end up in the oceans every year. And as a result end up in the very fish we eat..

After all of this knowledge all we needed was a spark.. because we still didn't have the guts to take action.

All that changed after we heard about the statement of the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate that our planet, and all of humanity has 135 months until our planet passes the point of no return for runaway global warming.. At that moment, we decided to put our fears aside, and decided to take a stand. A stand #ForOurPlanet, a stand for our

family, and for all humankind.

We decided to start a brand and a movement to spread ecological clothing to every corner of the globe. All in the hopes of a dream...We dream of a world were climate change is a distant memory. Where we are all using ecological clothing, reusable materials and produce zero emissions. We dream of a world were future generations can thrive and where we, as a mankind can live in balance with nature and the whole universe. We dream of a movement of people so strong that we can show the big corporations and governments that we the people have a voice. And that the destruction of our home in search of profit is no longer and option. Join us on this journey, stand out from the crowd and take a stand, be a #LoneWolf.

“We just might die of all age, but our children will certainly die from climate change.”
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